The main reason why we want to implement a CRM in our company is to facilitate the task of accessing our customer database.

Some companies will need or have very specific requirements regarding the CRM they wish to hire, you can check CRM Prices on the link.

A CRM will be useful in the company if it is used by the majority of employees. It will not only be a tool for commercial use, but the administrative, back office or management, need a task and process manager in relation to the customers they manage.


A simple CRM program

The key to success in implementing a CRM  we have already seen in a previous article, which is the involvement of your team in the use of the tool.

If you make it too complicated they won’t feel comfortable with the tool and may not try hard to use it.

Y, simple, does not mean simple. When we talk about a simple CRM, we mean an easy to use program but with all the functionalities that your team needs.

The requirement that it be simple is that all workers who must make use are able to do so. It must therefore be an intuitive tool, easy to adapt to the needs of your company.

If the time cost that is going to take to implant and for your workers to be able to make use of it is going to be greater than the benefit it brings you, then it is not a simple CRM.

uSell CRM is simple and easy to use. It is easily configurable and adaptable to companies. It is very intuitive, we also have a support system that will help your CRM Manager , which we will explain in the next article, to manage, install and implement uSell CRM with total ease.

If you’re an SME your company probably doesn’t need a CRM with endless and complicated functions that you’re not going to use. Look for a CRM that can be configured in your language, in this case a CRM in Spanish.

In addition, uSell CRM, is affordable. It has no high cost unlike other CRMs. Only pays for license that you contract. We offer email, chat, telephone and internet support.

Unify the tool to manage customers

A CRM system is used to manage the relationship with your customers. uSell CRM serves to store in the cloud in a simple and accessible way all the data and interactions you have with your customers.

Why do companies need to unify working tools for their teams? If all the workers use the same support or system, the information will be completely hosted in the same place, under the same order and criteria.

Having a “way to do” or “How to do” of each process, facilitates and speeds up tasks in companies and saves us time and money. Time, because we won’t have to lose it in transferring information from one tool to another in order to have accessible information.

Also, having only one customer management tool is easier than having several. The learning process is multiplied by as many tools as we have.

Unified business speech

A very important point to bear in mind when possessing only one CRM tool is to unify the commercial discourse.

Your customers will always see offers under the profile of the same tool, regardless of the salesperson who visits or attends them.

The commercial speech is the set of elements that influence our company’s communication with our customers. The commercial discourse ranges from the corporate identity of our company, to the type of language or treatment we use with our customers or leads. The purpose of this is to create a unique corporate image. An identity that repeats itself in all processes and makes us easily recognizable. It must also be adapted to your customer record. Elements such as age, sex, cultural level, employment, sector, language,… will be definitive to create the optimal discourse.

If we also have a tool to help us in the process, implementing a commercial discourse will be much easier.

Unified processes

For the same reason, and with the same purpose, it is necessary to unify all the processes that our company carries out. The same task must always be carried out according to certain rules.

Unifying processes has become a priority in many companies, as it improves the efficiency of our tasks. It is essential to build and design a model to perform each specific task as it is very common for several people to intervene in the processes and tasks. If everyone knows, for example, how to follow up an offer, any worker will be able to follow the process, simply visualizing the current situation of the offer.

Digitizing customer information and making it accessible from a CRM in the Cloud, we facilitate the unification of processes.

Successfully implement a CRM in your company

In one of our previous articles we already explained the keys to how to successfully implement a CRM in your company . And we saw that the main key to success was to involve the team in the use of the tool.

Your team will be involved if they see that using the tool is simple, that it requires extra effort from us, and that the benefits it will bring them are worth it.

Practicity of your CRM

In addition to simple, a CRM must be practical. However simple a tool may be, it must provide us with some value and improve some of the processes that have led us to contract it.

For a CRM to be practical, we must make the most of its functions.

Good example of this is managing your customer database instead of doing it in an Excel table, for example.

That it is practical will mean that it will save you time on some task or improve it considerably. This saving of time will allow you to dedicate these extra moments to other tasks.

Dedicate time to your clients or other tasks

The time that uSell CRM saves you can dedicate it to your customers, to trainings for your employees, to improve processes. In short, time is very appreciated.

Companies are looking for profitability, streamlining processes and saving time in the development of tasks.

If all the time you save by having an easy CRM, that helps you manage your customer database optimally, and can also be used by all your employees, wouldn’t you want to know a tool like this?

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