CRM APP for iPad and Android Tablet

uSell CRM has an App for iPad and Android Tablet which allows you to keep working offline

CRM for iPad and Android Tablet

The benefits of a CRM in the uSell CRM app

CRM App for tablets

uSell CRM is the iPad and Android Tablet app that allows you to work anywhere. Even if there is no Internet connection, this way, you will not miss out on any sales opportunity.

Your company's product information is always available

Digitized catalog

You can show to your customers your products with updated information, the available stock and the latest updates.

Close more sales with our iPad app

Close more sales

Do not miss out any sale opportunities. Our app allows you to work on the go allowing you to submit offers at any time and place.

Your company's products accessible from the app

The iPad and Android Tablet App is designed to developed to work on the go. With it, your commercials will be updated and able to track their tasks and clients.

They will streamline their tasks by tracking their visits and managing calendar tasks, even offline. uSell CRM saves time!

Make orders, submit budgets, fill out business tracking reports, … It had never been so easy!

In addition, the information is synchronized with the server when a connection to the Internet is detected, making it way easier for your team to have all information updated.

Giving out a more professional image and offering a better service to your customers will be much easier with our app.

Find your clients from the app
CRM Geolocation

uSell CRM calculates the best route for your daily visits.

It saves the customers’ addresses by using the geolocation. This way, it will be much easier and faster to complete each client’s profile, fill out reports and track the location.
By using geolocation no mistakes due to writting the adress wrongly will be made, since uSell CRM automatically generates the address.

Localitza als teus clients des de l'app uSell CRM
Accessible client database

The app and the Server allow as many syncronizations as needed, offering an accessible Clients’ Data Base from anywhere, any time.

Since uSell CRM is completely located in the Cloudthe acess to the needed data is secure and simple.

Information leaks are going to be avoided meanwhile the information will be available to those uses with permition to access.

App for commercials
App for commercials

uSell CRM is available for iPads and Android Tablets.

The application is designed fot the commercials to develops their activity. To begin using it, it is as simple as downloading the app from the App Store or the Google Play Store and loggin in.

Access the app securely with your username and password