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uSell is the mobile CRM that will allow you to improve the management of your commercial team and the monitoring of your customers. Increase your sales and save on administrative tasks with the best technology solution for commercials.

Gracias a uSell CRM podrás gestionar y controlar los clientes y tener una mejor relación comercial para persuadir más rápidamente a la venta

Access to your customer and leads information in an easy and simple way. Our uSell CRM allows you to add new information and check existing data from anywhere. Never lose a lead!

uSell CRM permite realizar informes comerciales y reports para tener un control más exhaustivo de las visitas comerciales y de los clientes
Commercial Tracking

With uSell CRM companies can obtain commercial reports designed for their needs. Check the status of your client, your calendar’s events and tasks, important addresses and sales opportunities.

Realiza pedidos y presupuestos directamente desde el dispositivo móvil con uSell CRM
Orders and Budgets

Access your CRM from anywhere: show the products in your catalogs and sell them with just a few clicks. Apply personalized rates and discounts for each client.  Signed orders will maintain their legal validity.

Success cases
uSell CRM es crm móvil para controlar clientes y para vender porque permite a los comerciales tener el máximo control comercial. Es por eso que Enciclopèdia Catalana o Microgestió son ejemplos de empresas que ya utilizan esta herramienta móvil durante sus visitas comerciales

Enciclopèdia Catalana and Microgestió are two examples of the successful implementation of the uSell CRM app.

  • Better relationship with your current and potential customers
  • Increase of business opportunities
  • Planning commercial routes automatically
  • Exhaustive commercial control
  • Evaluation reports of all business visits
  • Increase your sales
Why uSell CRM?

Before, during and after a business visit, you need to consult and manage information from your potential and real customers.

“uSell CRM allows commercials to manage contacts and visits to improve the relationship with their customers”

With uSell CRM you can manage leads, sales opportunities, and build up reports. Our CRM will help you to minimize processes and manage tasks better, allowing your commercial team to focus on selling more and better.

uSell CRM will improve your relationship with your clients and your leads.

  • First month totally free

  • Preparation and start-up for free

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uSell CRM es el mejor crm móvil para vender y controlar los clientes, leads y potenciar las oportunidades de negocio. El mejor crm móvil para optimizar la gestión y el proceso comercial
uSell CRM es un CRM móvil 100% porque se adapta a cualquier plataforma móvil: ordenador, desktop, portátil, iPad, tableta móvil, iPhone, smartphone, teléfono móvil, etc.
Easy, agile, fast and multiplatform

uSell CRM is totally portable, connect from any platform wherever and whenever you want. Even if you find yourself without a connection you will be able to work, because at any time and anywhere a sales opportunity can arise. Be always prepared!

CRM for companies: We offer the best system

uSell CRM is designed by and for commercial users, seeking to cover all your needs and requirements. Improve and simplify the business process with a mobile CRM designed especially for you!

Mejora la relación con tus clientes y conócelos bien para vender más con uSell CRM, el mejor crm móvil
Know your customers better

Clients feel more comfortable buying from someone they know and who knows them well. Access to their information and improve the business relationship.

El crm móvil usell crm potencia y mejora la gestión comercial de las empresas pymes distribuidoras de productos
Optimize business management

Decrease administrative tasks, improve processes and reduce costs. uSell CRM is very fast and will help you to speed up the business management of your company.

Con uSell CRM podrás incrementar las ventas de los productos gracias a su sistema de ventas fácil y ágil que permite realizar pedidos y presupuestos en segundos. Vende más con el mejor crm móvil del mercado
Sell more and better

Show the products from your catalogs in a more professional way. Make orders and define budgets anytime and just with a few clicks.


The Best Web system that allows you to access from any connected device. Access from the URL with your username and password to find all your account information available at the moment.

Con la máxima seguridad uSell CRM protege toda la información de tus clientes y de tu empresa para que estés siempre protegido gracias al mejor crm móvil
Maximum security at the technological level

Make sure all the information from your clients and from your company is always under the greatest protection and guarded by the maximum technological security.

uSell CRM es un crm móvil que apuesta por la movilidad empresarial para que los comerciales puedan mejorar la gestión comercial y vender más desde dispositivos móviles, tabletas, móviles y servers, vendiendo estén dónde estén desde cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento. Aunque estén en online o offline uSell CRM ofrece el mejor servicio comercial para que puedan vender, gestionar sus clientes y controlar sus visitas comerciales
Wherever and anytime

Anytime and from anywhere, uSell CRM is a multipltform solution. Even if you find yourself in the most isolated place, uSell CRM will offers total service regardless of the availability of an Internet connection.

uSell CRM es fácil de verdad, todo el mundo lo utiliza tengan el conocimiento tecnológico que tengan, los comerciales por fin tienen un crm móvil fácil para cubrir sus necesidades y requerimientos
So easy that everyone uses it

When we define it as an easy and simple to use application, we truly mean it. How big the knowledge on technology of your commercials is does not matter, they will be able to use uSell CRM easily.

uSell CRM es el mejor crm comercial para controlar tus clientes, leads, potenciar las oportunidades de venta y vender más
Increase your commercial visits with uSell CRM

01. Track real and potential customers. Know them in detail to manage them perfectly.

02. The reports will allow you to define and remember how a commercial visit went to learn from them.

03. Display products classified in catalogs and place orders in just a few clicks.

04. Get an exhaustive control of the commercial team by accessing to your calendars, events and tasks.

05. Offer a good, modern and elegant brand image to the clients in the commercial visits.

06. Increase the commercial team satisfaction with the great usability and the good use experience the application offers.

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The Best CRM Online

uSell CRM gives you the advantage of working with a Online CRM. Besides being an Online Access CRM Software it allows you to connect from the iPad app even without an internet connection.

Our tool is a CRM for SMEs designed to adapt to all types of sectors and companies. Know all the features that can offer and request an online demo.

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