The Consumer Behaviour of Today

Consumers now have access to a lot of information and are also subject to many more advertising stimuli than they were a few years ago. The way consumers proceed is not the same today as it was ten years ago. For this reason, the [...]

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App for sales

In the application shops of our mobile devices we can find countless applications designed to make our lives easier. Today we can shop from our mobile phone, lying on the sofa. Order a product from the other side of the world and receive it [...]

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New functionality in uSell CRM

uSell CRM is a living, constantly advancing tool. That's why we study which functionalities may be most interesting to our customers and develop them. This latest update of the Web application and the App has two major features that we will explain below: [...]

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CRM Strategy, the best tactic for your business

The customers are the support of our business. Therefore, maintaining a good relationship with them is paramount. The health of our company's economy is a reflection of the connection we maintain with our customers. A CRM strategy allows us to obtain information about this [...]

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7 strategies to attract customers to my business

- "How can I sell more? How can I attract customers?"- These two questions are among the most common among a company's directors or sales managers. If we want to sell more we must reach a larger number of prospects. Or, failing that, make [...]

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6 tips for handling sales objections

Sales objections are the obstacles, "noes" or "peros" of a customer in response to our business proposal. Sometimes, sales go off the rails. The customer comes spontaneously to buy the product, is already informed (he may have received recommendations) and is completely sure that [...]

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What is a sales argument?

A sales argument is one of the key elements in the commercial management of a company. It is a "script" that serves the commercial to expose, before a client or lead, the reasonings that are adapted to the needs that this one has to [...]

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Sales Goals: How to Motivate Your Team

If your company uses a remuneration system based on pre-established sales targets, you may be wondering how to set them properly to motivate your team. Every company that wants to make a profit needs to sell in order to be profitable. Therefore, setting coherent [...]

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Do you know the phases of your Sales Funnel?

The path a customer travels from the moment he feels the need to purchase a product or service until he finally acquires it, is known as a sales funnel or Sales Funnel. When we use a funnel in the kitchen all the content we [...]

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Why don’t your commercials use CRM?

You're an entrepreneur, your business is not going badly, but you think it lacks some kind of value that just gives it a little boost. You hear the word CRM and you know that implementing it in your company is the decisive step to [...]

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