5 reasons to conduct a customer satisfaction survey

Clients are the backbone of every business and, therefore, the opinion they have of a company and the services it provides is very important. A disgruntled customer can ruin a company's reputation, even though they have a thousand customers who are completely satisfied with [...]

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What is a CRM in Marketing?

There are currently many tools on the market that help companies in their daily tasks. We find management programs, stock accounting, ERP, CRM, SGE, tools for sharing files, to do mailing,... in short, companies have a wide range of possibilities where they can choose [...]

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Welcome to uSell CRM Blog!

If you still don’t know our CRM system, this will be the best way to let you know it. Our objective with this blog, in a few words, is recommending them to manage their CRM and apply our commercial and technical knowledge in order [...]

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