There are several types of management tools on the market. We have mainly CRM and SFA.

In this post we want to present the main advantages of each of them to you to see which one best suits our needs.

When companies are in need of integrating a tool in their work system, several solutions are planted. They can choose a CRM system, an SFA or a combination of both as uSell CRM.


What is a CRM?

We have already seen in What is a CRM the meaning of CRM. It stands for”Customer Relationship Management“. We could say that a CRM is a customer relationship system that puts the interactions we have with them in the spotlight of all departments of a company.

What is an SFA?

An SFA, a Sales Force Automation SFA, is a tool focused on making sales and offers of our company’s products. It’s sales force automation software that helps each agent manage business opportunities.

SFAs usually have a section where they can store information about the company’s products and offers. In addition to a database of customers on which to make quotations, orders, quotations,…

Its main function is to present the company’s products and to make orders and quotations. It is a tool that basically facilitates the sale in mobility.

Why choose between CRM or SFA?

Before we can choose between one or the other solution we must take into account the needs we want to cover. It is very important to set the reasons we have for acquiring this tool.

We must also define the internal processes of our company. Every company must establish a system, a way of doing each task to unify the way it works.

With these two clear points the company must evaluate the characteristics that each tool offers. Establishing the basic conditions that each solution must implement is an indispensable requirement when it comes to getting it right.

There is no tool on the market that is 100% adapted to our needs and that is why it is so important to list the requirements without which we cannot function.

Therefore, a company that distributes cosmetic products nationally or internationally and its system is B2B, than another company that is dedicated to making repairs to individuals or companies at a provincial or local level.

uSell CRM integrates the best of both worlds

An SFA system is ideal for fast sales processes. In which a mobile tool that allows us to make offers and present our products in an attractive way is the indispensable requirement.

A CRM is ideal when we also need an add-on, have the customer at the center and perform improvement actions thanks to the information we get when interacting with them.

If, in addition, we want to have a secure, powerful customer database with a unique reporting system, accessible from anywhere 24 hours a day, that allows you to track sales opportunities, easy and secure to use we must choose a tool like uSell CRM check our Free CRM Demo.

It has a unique system for designing reports or reports. It also allows us to show our product catalogues in an attractive way during our visits to customers. We can order and quote from the catalogue in an easy and simple way, print the resulting pdf file or send it to the customer on the spot, with updated prices, offers and discounts.

With uSell CRM you won’t give up the best features that each system provides.

From the uSell CRM team we have designed a tool that is easy to implement in any company. Our CRM will help you to integrate the sale of your products in mobility. You will be able to obtain information thanks to the system of customizable reports that includes. This information will help your marketing department develop new improvements and design action plans. With uSell CRM, many processes that were now tedious for the sales team will be improved and streamlined.

In short, uSell CRM will make your sales opportunities a much easier task to follow. You’ll save time and money.

But don’t forget that the management of the tool by your employees is essential for its success. uSell CRM provides you with all the tools and support to make this possible. Always with a smile, we will be happy to help you.

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