In other articles on the uSell CRM Blog we have explained what a CRM is or Customer Relationship Management (Check out our Free CRM Demo). Now is the time to explain that a Cloud CRM.


How works a Cloud CRM

If we already know that the use of a CRM is practically indispensable in any company, the advantages that its use in the cloud can offer us are innumerable.

The cloud today is used to store important information that must be shared anytime & anywhere.

This involves accessing the use of applications via the Internet. The information will be hosted on a server that is accessed thanks to the user credentials and password. This eliminates local storage on company hard disks or devices. This fact allows the information to be shared in a more effective way with the users who have access.

There are applications, such as uSell CRM, that allow their use even without the Internet, you can check more info in our page of Cloud CRM. They store the information in the local device that is being used. When it resumes the Internet connection, it will synchronize the data, which will be available to the rest of the connected users.

Advantages of having a Cloud CRM


  • It does not require a large investment of time and money in the installation of the company’s devices by qualified personnel.
  • It is updated automatically.
  • You only pay for what you use. When you decide to hire a Cloud CRM you don’t pay for a product, you pay for its use. An installed program or software requires a full initial outlay. And it must be renewed with each new package or functionality you want to acquire.
  • It does not require maintenance, as it is installed on the service provider’s servers.
  • It gives more protection to the information entered than what could be found in a locally hosted CRM.
  • Provides greater communication to the team and departments of a company, allowing them to work remotely.
  • It is easily integrated with other products or solutions that the company already has.

How to implement a Cloud CRM

As for the physical “installation” of the software itself, we should not worry at all. In this aspect, having access to the solution from the different devices does not require the installation of any software by qualified personnel.

We will access the application through a web portal, from a PC. We won’t need to install anything on our device. Or an application for mobile devices. The quick access from a portal and the simplicity of installing the application from the “Store” of the operating system ensure a simple implementation,

If we are talking about the implementation that involves worker participation in the use of the solution, we find many more facilities than in a CRM on-premise. A CRM online is accessible 24 hours a day. No expert knowledge is needed to use it . Therefore it will be easier to involve the whole team in its use. If your workers see the advantages and the tasks that can save them, they will surely be involved in its use.

Cloud solutions have significantly improved response times on their servers. This allows for much better usability. The progress in communications networks and the internet, and the improvement in the development of solutions with innumerable functions place CRM solutions in the cloud in the best alternative.

CRM en Cloud

Safety of a Cloud CRM

The main difference between storing the information on the company’s own server to be carried out on the service provider’s servers is basically the great security provided by the latter.

In addition, the company can grant or withdraw access permissions to its users.

The information stored in the servers is encrypted from end to end, so it cannot be leaked. And in case of loss of any device with the application installed, we can revoke the access.

In addition, backups make it possible to recover information in the event of a setback. For example the loss or breakage of any of the devices, a total or partial elimination of some data, etc.

The different access levels created at uSell CRM give access to certain sections only to certain users. This allows the user company to control and restrict access to the platform.

If your CRM on-premise can’t offer you all these advantages, it’s time to know a Cloud CRM like uSell CRM.

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