The 4 steps to make an optimal segmentation of your customers

Imagine a sack with marbles, whose only difference is colour. If we are in a dark room and put our hand inside the bag, it would be impossible to differentiate the marbles. To the touch, they may all look the same. However, when we [...]

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What is a CRM Manager?

In this article we want to explain the figure that represents a CRM Manager in a company. What are its main functions and how it will help you to make your tool more effective to manage customers. If we bear in mind that an [...]

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Easy CRM to use: Reasons to use it

The main reason why we want to implement a CRM in our company is to facilitate the task of accessing our customer database. Some companies will need or have very specific requirements regarding the CRM they wish to hire, you can check CRM Prices [...]

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Black FridayCRM: the role it has

For some years now, following this American tradition called Black Friday is more present in our homes. It is increasingly present and relevant to global trade. The Black Friday or Black Friday consists of a price decrease in the main stores that occurs on [...]

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The ICT revolution in the business world

The evolution of technologies in recent years has been enormous. Changes that have been applied to society, schools, companies, and that are increasingly rooted in our customs. The 1970s marked the beginning of the development of the Digital Age. And, little by little, Internet [...]

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CRM labels and their role in customer segmentation

In this article we want to explain the great value of a company with a heterogeneous database. If you are able to use CRM tags to segment customers and identify them in that diversity, you will get a powerful tool when performing different commercial [...]

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8 Tips to a Successful CRM Implementation

In this post I want to show you the main points that make the implementation of a CRM Online successful. It is necessary to adapt these keys to each type of company, commercial team, etc. But we want to explain the most common ones [...]

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What is a Cloud CRM?

In other articles on the uSell CRM Blog we have explained what a CRM is or Customer Relationship Management (Check out our Free CRM Demo). Now is the time to explain that a Cloud CRM. How works a Cloud CRM If we already know that [...]

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What we can do to create a useful Customer Database

From the moment you decide to start a business you have to consider how you are going to manage your customer data. A good organization in your customer database can be crucial to your company's success. What is a customer database? A [...]

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What is Relationship Marketing?

We understand relational marketing as the set of actions and strategies that a company carries out to establish and maintain close and lasting relationships with customers in which both parties benefit. Relationship marketing involves a strategic customer orientation that sets it apart from the [...]

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