What is Relationship Marketing?

We understand relational marketing as the set of actions and strategies that a company carries out to establish and maintain close and lasting relationships with customers in which both parties benefit. Relationship marketing involves a strategic customer orientation that sets it apart from the [...]

By Aurora Garcia| 26 September 2018|uSell CRM|1 Comment

What is the difference between an ERP System and a CRM?

Both are systems focused on managing different tasks in a company. But what administers each of these solutions? Adequate information management in the business world can make the difference between success and failure. When it comes to choosing the system that best suits our [...]

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The Role of Apps in the World Day of the Ozone Layer

Today, September 16, is the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. In 1994, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared September 16 as the day for this celebration. It was another September 16, this time in 1987, when one of [...]

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How to increase the sales of your business?

When an entrepreneur decides to create a new company or business, the main motivation for doing so is to receive financial compensation. Entrepreneurs are looking for thousands of sales strategies, material to train their team, online resources, etc. that can make their sales increase [...]

By Aurora Garcia| 12 September 2018|Comercial, uSell CRM|0 Comments

Reports in usell CRM and how to design them to get the most profit

Getting information from each and every one of the interactions we have with our customers is very important. Recapitulating all this information, storing and sorting it in a safe place allows us to take further action based on the data obtained. That's precisely what [...]

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What is consultative selling and why is it the best way to build customer loyalty?

In the sales world there is an increasingly fierce rivalry. Differentiating ourselves from our competitors by providing added value, such as customer service, is now a plus for us. Traditional sales have a very simple component: the buyer looks for the product he wants [...]

By Aurora Garcia| 29 August 2018|Comercial|0 Comments

Automated Sales Force System or CRM?

There are several types of management tools on the market. We have mainly CRM and SFA. In this post we want to present the main advantages of each of them to you to see which one best suits our needs. When companies are in [...]

By Aurora Garcia| 22 August 2018|uSell CRM|16 Comments

5 reasons to conduct a customer satisfaction survey

Clients are the backbone of every business and, therefore, the opinion they have of a company and the services it provides is very important. A disgruntled customer can ruin a company's reputation, even though they have a thousand customers who are completely satisfied with [...]

By Aurora Garcia| 14 August 2018|Sales|3 Comments

What is a CRM in Marketing?

There are currently many tools on the market that help companies in their daily tasks. We find management programs, stock accounting, ERP, CRM, SGE, tools for sharing files, to do mailing,... in short, companies have a wide range of possibilities where they can choose [...]

By Aurora Garcia| 8 August 2018|Marketing, uSell CRM|1 Comment

Welcome to uSell CRM Blog!

If you still don’t know our CRM system, this will be the best way to let you know it. Our objective with this blog, in a few words, is recommending them to manage their CRM and apply our commercial and technical knowledge in order [...]

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