Today, September 16, is the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. In 1994, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared September 16 as the day for this celebration. It was another September 16, this time in 1987, when one of the first major international environmental agreements to date was signed: the Montreal Protocol.

With the signing of the Montreal Protocol, a global agreement was sought to adopt measures to conserve the ozone layer.

The changes that were promoted in this agreement have led most countries to reduce emissions of polluting gases by up to 80% from one year after the signing of the agreement until 1996.

That is why each small change, each small gesture will ultimately mean a beneficial change for the planet…


Eco Friendly Tools

With the great boom of mobile applications some companies that develop them, have decided to provide different solutions for various problems.

In this blog post we want to show you some of them:

It is an app of location of recycling centers (US) with a guide or listing of more than 300 materials that informs about those that can be recycled.

GoodGuide (iOS)

This is a guide that includes in its database more than 210,000 products (clothing, cosmetics, cleaning products, …). This guide gives us information about the environmental damage caused by the manufacture of the product, which we can scan with the mobile camera. Download it for Android here.

This application allows us to measure and track the carbon footprint we leave in the environment. It uses data from supply invoices to accurately calculate the impact. It is only available to iOS.

An app based on the Spanish recycling system. It is a game for children from 3 to 5 years old to recycle through the game. Trucks must be driven while recycling according to the colors of the container.

It is a platform that aims to obtain information about the rubbish that has been collected and where. It is intended to keep clean beaches or other natural spaces. They have an app available on iOS and Android.

In this application we will find a guide with the species of wild trees of the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. It has been created by the CSIC and the Royal Botanical Garden.

Eco Friendly Tools for enterprises

In addition to the applications mentioned above, which are directly aimed at improving some area related to nature, we find other applications that help companies to reduce environmental impact indirectly.

It is an application designed to share documents and files with the commercial team. It diminishes the environmental impact since it allows to have to print constantly the catalogues or brochures, taking them in digital format.

Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

With our customer relationship manager you will save having to print orders on paper. You can manage routes and visits to customers in an optimal way, saving time and fuel. Reduce the printing of catalogues and files and manage the agenda of your commercials.

Small gestures like these can mean a big change in the protection of the environment. Taking care of our planet to have a future with less pollution is one of our objectives.

Recycling waste, saving on energy and resource consumption, using private motorised transport less, using eco-friendly products are just small changes that can make a big difference.

Protecting the ozone layer is in our hands.

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