Clients are the backbone of every business and, therefore, the opinion they have of a company and the services it provides is very important.

A disgruntled customer can ruin a company’s reputation, even though they have a thousand customers who are completely satisfied with our service. The influence of a dissatisfied customer is always far greater than the recommendation of a satisfied customer.

We all know that despite the efforts we can make, there are always things that can go wrong, unforeseen events, misinterpretations of the agreements made, human errors and a thousand other reasons that can affect the perception that a customer receives about the quality of service or the attention received.

So what can we do to prevent or alleviate this kind of situation? The five reasons that we will explain below are the reason why any company should carry out surveys of this type.


1.- To know the degree of satisfaction of a client

It is important to know how satisfied our customers are with our services and the attention they receive. As important as obtaining this information is to act accordingly.

One of the most commonly used key indicators to determine the degree of customer satisfaction is the NPS (Net Promoter Score) which we could translate as a net number of promoters.

What is NPS and how we calculate it

Razones para hacer Encuesta de una encuesta de satisfacción del cliente

The NPS is the indicator that provides information on the percentages of detractors and promoters of our company. The NPS allows us to know the degree of satisfaction or loyalty that our customers have towards us.

It is obtained through quantifiable answers such as: “To what extent would you recommend our services” or “From 1 to 10 how would you rate the care received?”

We can focus the questions according to what we want to know and the calculation of the index is evaluated using the following formula:

formula NPS

Clients who provide a score of 1 to 6 in their responses to the customer satisfaction survey will be detractors. These are customers who do not recommend us at all or are completely dissatisfied with the service, the deal or the product.

Passive customers are those who have probably received the right treatment or service but expected more. They are considered passive, as they are unlikely to speak ill of us but they will not recommend us either. They score from 7 to 8 and do not affect the overall computation of the indicator.

And finally, those customers who rate the question with a 9 or 10 are the ones who will speak well of us. Most likely we will be recommended in your environment or in the Social Networks.

Based on the data that can be obtained from a satisfaction survey, we will be able to carry out an action plan, see where we need to improve and also what our strengths are. This is key in a company, to know what its strengths are and what other aspects are not working 100%.

2.- Our clients perceive that we value their opinion

Most of the times when a customer is dissatisfied, they can be solved by simply listening to them and paying attention to the problem they pose. Sometimes the problem has not arisen as a result of our action and may have resulted from external factors.

That’s why customers appreciate that their opinion is taken into account, because they understand that we have their point of view to remedy the problem that caused their dissatisfaction in the best possible way.

In addition, there is a high percentage of clients among those who have had a problem or conflict and the simple fact of seeing the involvement and concern of the company towards their problem has turned them into promotive clients.

3.- We can set objectives for improvement in our company

The feedback obtained from the survey results gives us the information to be able to make changes in the company, invest in improvements in specific areas.

Sometimes it’s not just about investment. Also the changes in the processes, in the way we work. This will give us the necessary clues to make the necessary progress and changes.

4.- Generate satisfied and loyal customers

The purpose of any company is to generate an economic benefit with the commercialization of its products or services. This does not happen by chance, but it is the result of having created loyalty and satisfaction among the clients he has met.

Conducting surveys can become a competitive advantage. It allows us to stand out from our competitors by knowing first-hand “from those who buy from us” what they expect from the service. Also, which aspects or actions could seduce you better when you decide to buy our product and be faithful to it. A happy customer is a loyal customer.

5.- To obtain benefits

And finally: what does this whole process of improvement bring us? Then we return to the objective or leitmotif of every company: to make money. If we have loyal, happy, repeat customers who promote us,… we reach the main purpose of the company.

Things to consider when conducting a customer satisfaction survey

There are some myths surrounding satisfaction surveys (or any other type of survey):

• Not everyone wants to answer surveys.

• People don’t always tell the truth.

• The results are not foolproof.

Surveys are neither infallible nor 100% reliable, but they are the best way to know customer satisfaction and be able to act accordingly.

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