Sales objections are the obstacles, “noes” or “peros” of a customer in response to our business proposal.

Sometimes, sales go off the rails. The customer comes spontaneously to buy the product, is already informed (he may have received recommendations) and is completely sure that what he is going to buy is what he needs.

But normally we find that we need to convince the customer that, really, ours is the product he needs. The customer often hesitates or asks some questions and objections to make sure that the product will meet their expectations.


Types of Sales Objections

These questions posed by the client can be of various kinds. Here are some examples of the most common sales objections.

  • For the price: The customer believes the product is not worth what it costs.
  • Lack of budget: The customer believes that the product is worth what it costs but cannot afford it at that time.
  • Doesn’t need it: You may not have correctly analyzed the needs of your interlocutor. You may not know all the characteristics of the product.
  • Prefers the competition: Someone may have recommended another supplier, or may like more the product they offer.
  • Doesn’t know you or doesn’t trust you enough: The customer hasn’t had feedback about the product or the company yet.
  • You have a better offer: They are already offering you a similar product and the offer is better.
  • It’s not the right time or your interlocutor doesn’t make the decision.
  • He doesn’t like a particular feature of the product.
  • You are not convinced by after-sales service.
  • Delivery time too long:The product is good, but can’t wait that long.

Management of sales objections

As we have said, an objection is an act that prevents us from closing a sale. Therefore, we must overcome all objections so that they become a definitive yes.

As a company we can carry out different actions to overcome these “no” that our client gives us as a response and transform them into a closing of sales. In this article we want to explain some tricks to help you overcome the sales objections.

Tricks to overcome sales objections

We must be prepared to respond to sales objections from customers. It is not logical that we always have the same sales objections and we do not know how to answer or solve them. What can you do? Then follow these tricks that will prepare you to overcome all the sales objections that are raised.

Note each and every objection your client makes to you

If you are just starting your business, ask yourself (and be honest) what objections your client might raise and how you would resolve them. It is important to actively listen to your customers.

To avoid being caught by surprise, write down all the objections your clients raise. This will help you to beat them thanks to the shooting time. If you are already aware of an objection, it will not surprise you. This way you will be able to prepare the way to solve it. A tool from Sales Activity such as uSell CRM will provide us with all the information we need in this regard.

Improve or modify (act accordingly)

Depending on the objections, you can reconsider improving or modifying something in your product. If one of the objections has to do with a specific characteristic and the same objection is repeated in all your sales processes. And if in addition this objection is always the one that prevents closing the sale it is time to make some change or improvement in your product.

Offer warranties or even a free trial

Provide guarantees so that your client has just made up his mind. Depending on the type of product you market, you can offer your client a test that will serve as bait and help them make their final decision.

Talk to the right person

Many of the objections are: I don’t decide, I have to talk to my partner, I have to consult him…

We must make sure we talk to the right person. The person with decision-making power and also, if there is more than one, my recommendation is to hold a joint meeting to dispel all doubts and objections once and for all.

Objection at price

It is one of the most frequent sales objections. My advice is to know exactly which customer needs will be covered by our product. This will bring you profit and savings. It must be clear for the customer to be able to see what they can get. Adding value to the product, generating trust, differentiating yourself from the competition,… If all this doesn’t work: negotiate (extra guarantee, some discount,…).

Doesn’t need the product or some feature not fit

It may also be that a customer does not fit the product or one of its characteristics. We must personalize the presentation by exposing the product taking into account the customer’s needs. We will personalize the exhibition adapting the presentation of our product to the interlocutor.

Examples of handling Sales objections

In the end, experience is a grade. Every objection that a client poses to you is a learning process to overcome a NO.

These are some examples of customer Sales Objections and how to respond:

  • “I have seen in another place the cheapest product” (At this point you must explain the benefit of time or money that you will have with your product. If you know your competitor’s list which one is better)
    – It is likely that our product will have a higher price. It’s because we offer the X feature exclusively and our after-sales service is better rated.
  • “I’m not interested”
    – I haven’t explained anything to you yet! I’ll tell you in ten minutes the benefits it can offer!
  • “Now I can’t talk, send it to me by email”
    – Yes, of course, but let me make sure that what I am sending you is exactly what suits your needs. That’s how I make sure I send you a personalized offer.
  • “The product is good, but your service doesn’t just convince me”
    – Tell me, what could we do to improve it?
Cómo superas tú las objeciones de venta

What examples of sales objections do you find in your everyday life and how do you overcome them? Leave your comments!

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