In this article we want to explain the great value of a company with a heterogeneous database. If you are able to use CRM tags to segment customers and identify them in that diversity, you will get a powerful tool when performing different commercial actions.

We live in a world of diversity. People are different from each other (as are companies and customers) and that is the cultural richness.

When a company has a heterogeneous customer database it can find itself in a very specific situation with a double-edged:

  • Difficulty finding a common denominator to focus its commercial actions.
  • A commercial action that has not worked with a specific target of customers, has worked in another type of market.

Thus using labels effectively will help us direct and focus our marketing campaigns towards the target correct.

In this article we want to reveal the secret to better focus and direct your campaigns.

Labels in uSell CRM

Using CRM tags in your database gives you the opportunity to improve the information you have.

uSell allows assigning a label to each account with the category “type”.


This tag is very useful when you want to filter your customers of a particular type.

You will be able to choose all accounts by: commercial in charge, days of activity or no activity, if you have planned tasks or events, last sale made, etc.


In addition, in each section, uSell CRM will allow you to filter by different parameters that will help you find what you are looking for in a simple way.

Let’s take the example that we want to look for those clients of the type “Hairdressers ZONA SUR”, that we have already made them a commercial report of “FIRST VISIT” between certain dates and of a commercial in concrete. In addition the filters of the reports of uSell CRM allow to add the option to filter according to the answers obtained in each field of the Report.

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We’ll get something like that:

CRM filters

If we want to filter through the answers obtained from a question in a specific report, we will proceed as in the image. Selecting the type of report and adding the desired filters according to the answers obtained in each field of the report.

CRM Tags

This would help us if we wanted to carry out a specific campaign for that customer in order to make him loyal, or to see the state of all those customers with that filter (sales state, if they accepted the budget, if the strong>feedback was good,…)

This is just one example of how uSell CRM is going to make it easier for you to filter your customers in order to carry out different actions. Whether to carry out a campaign or to evaluate a specific commercial action already carried out.

The filters of uSell CRM Reports are very useful, as they will allow us to help us with infinite searches. We will be able to create infinite reports to add to our filtering. Besides, these “TAGS” are always easily editable. This fact will allow us to modify or remove a tag to change a client of a category or add a new one.

Why label customers

As important as it is to carry out campaigns and interactions with clients, it is to carry them out to the right audience.

And here is the one that for me is one of the biggest secrets when it comes to marketing: Don’t bombard your customers with any offer that your company offers. Inform only about that offer that the customer might find interesting.

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And you will say:

– Why? Better to offer you everything and let you decide what interests you…

Y, in part, you’re right. But experience has shown us that continually harassing the customer with offers, makes him lose interest in us. And, sometimes, we can even be annoying.

Our opinion is that it is preferable for the client to lose the opportunity of an offer because we think it is not the target, rather than losing them all because they no longer have any interest in the communications we send them.

We all happen to sign up for a Newsletter of a company we are interested in a product or service and we end up receiving emails at all hours about all the campaigns, discounts and offers they carry out.

We usually open the first posts. Some may interest us more and others less. But as the percentage of those we find attractive decreases, we will end up ignoring that sender’s emails. And, probably, we will lose offers for which we would be willing.

We as customers have lost a good offer, and the company will have lost a sales opportunity.

Y, why do we ignore emails? Because the most precious good today is time. Don’t lose it yourself and, above all, don’t make your clients lose it.

They will value your time spent customizing and analyzing your offers and marketing actions and only send them to them if they are going to be interesting. That way they won’t waste their time discriminating against them.

customised offers

Hence the importance of tagging customers and segmenting them. We will not make efforts in vain and we will not insist on offers that are not attractive to them and make them lose interest in our communications.