App for sales

In the application shops of our mobile devices we can find countless applications designed to make our lives easier. Today we can shop from our mobile phone, lying on the sofa. Order a product from the other side of the world and receive it [...]

By Aurora Garcia| 12 April 2019|Sales, uSell CRM|0 Comments

6 tips for handling sales objections

Sales objections are the obstacles, "noes" or "peros" of a customer in response to our business proposal. Sometimes, sales go off the rails. The customer comes spontaneously to buy the product, is already informed (he may have received recommendations) and is completely sure that [...]

By Aurora Garcia| 20 March 2019|Comercial, Sales|0 Comments

App for order management: how it can help you increase your sales.

App for Sales An app for the order management of a company that bases its activity on the sale of products and services and, above all, these sales are developed thanks to the mobility of the commercial team , will facilitate the evolution of [...]

By Aurora Garcia| 23 January 2019|Comercial, Sales|0 Comments

How to Improve the Customer Experience: 5 Infallible Strategies

In a recent blog article we told you what is the NPS indicator was and how to get it. The NPS is a very useful way of knowing customer satisfaction. This fact will allow us to improve the customer experience and their degree of [...]

By iSocialWeb| 24 October 2018|Sales|1 Comment

5 reasons to conduct a customer satisfaction survey

Clients are the backbone of every business and, therefore, the opinion they have of a company and the services it provides is very important. A disgruntled customer can ruin a company's reputation, even though they have a thousand customers who are completely satisfied with [...]

By Aurora Garcia| 14 August 2018|Sales|3 Comments