App for order management: how it can help you increase your sales.

App for Sales An app for the order management of a company that bases its activity on the sale of products and services and, above all, these sales are developed thanks to the mobility of the commercial team , will facilitate the evolution of [...]

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How to Improve the Customer Experience: 5 Infallible Strategies

In a recent blog article we told you what is the NPS indicator was and how to get it. The NPS is a very useful way of knowing customer satisfaction. This fact will allow us to improve the customer experience and their degree of [...]

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5 reasons to conduct a customer satisfaction survey

Clients are the backbone of every business and, therefore, the opinion they have of a company and the services it provides is very important. A disgruntled customer can ruin a company's reputation, even though they have a thousand customers who are completely satisfied with [...]

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