For some years now, following this American tradition called Black Friday is more present in our homes. It is increasingly present and relevant to global trade.

The Black Friday or Black Friday consists of a price decrease in the main stores that occurs on the last Friday of November.

As every last Friday in November, after Thanksgiving, Anglo-Saxon businesses offer discounts to advance Christmas shopping. In keeping with the festive rage surrounding Thanksgiving, Americans see this preview of Christmas shopping as an opportunity to get discounts on purchases.

This year Black Friday is November 23. Do you have your campaign ready?


Black Friday origin

Origins of the Black Friday

It dates back to the city of Filadelfia. It was traditional to hold an American football match that day between two major university academies. Since it was one of the most popular sporting events in the country, Philadelphia plunged its streets into chaos, as it was located at the meeting point of both university faculties.

It became known as “Black Friday” because of the traffic jams, accidents and crowds that law enforcement and public services feared.

But the city’s merchants took advantage of this massification by promoting sales, increasing opening hours, and little by little the concept of “Black Friday” spread throughout the country to our borders.

Today’s Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas campaign.

Prepare for Black Friday

Think about what offers you want to launch this Christmas campaign and, of course, what offers you are going to make concretely the Black Friday.

Prepare offers

Realize original offers. You can study what your competency has done in previous years. Even if you have a CRM Software, you can study what your customers bought last year. Study which offers you made were the most interesting and which you can improve to make them more attractive.

Reinforcement measures

It is likely that on those days you will have a greater influx of customers in your establishment. Try to cover the hours of more traffic to avoid collapses. You can reinforce your staff in a timely manner, devote extra time to the attention and consultations that customers make in the networks or other media.

Prepare your website

If you have a website and you are going to make purchase offers on your website, make sure that it can respond to a greater volume of traffic, and that it is easy and intuitive.

It is likely that it will be visited by users who are not accustomed to web purchases but who are attracted by good offers and are encouraged. Making this task easier for them would improve their experience as customers.

Supply your stock

Don’t lose sales due to out of stock. A very easy way to know how much product you will need is to see what quantities you sold in the same period of the previous year. Evaluate the offer you are going to make and what quantities you will need.

Make a study of your potential customers. Keep in mind if your clients will move to your establishment or if they are online clients. If you are going to make different offers depending on the store or web, make it very clear in the advertising.

Notify your offers

Yes, this is a good time to do Outbound Marketing . Design your offer and send it to your customer database. It will be an opportunity to see which customers are still interested in your products and services.

Advertise in press, radio. Make online ads (banners, RRSS, SEM campaigns). Depending on the scope of your business another very useful option is the mail.

How a CRM can help you plan your Black Friday

Doing a trial-and-error analysis will make you perfect the technique over time. That’s why a CRM can help you see where you got it right in previous years and where you can improve.

You can assess the impact of the previous year’s campaign and how it worked.

Extract a list of sales made, quantities and products sold. It will give you an idea of how the next Black Friday can happen.

With uSell CRM you will be able to export to Excel the sales made in that period to check which promotions worked and which products sold better.

Even this can give you an idea of how to stock your stock and prepare your warehouse for those days.

A CRM will always be useful to consult data from past events, as well as to extract data from clients to whom to send a promotion that may be of interest.

And you, have you already prepared your “Black Friday?

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