A sales argument is one of the key elements in the commercial management of a company. It is a “script” that serves the commercial to expose, before a client or lead, the reasonings that are adapted to the needs that this one has to convince him that that and not another, is the suitable product.

Your structure is very well defined in the AIDA method (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) in a way that conveys the benefits of the product and increases the intention to buy it.


essential elements in a sales argument

We could say, therefore, that a sales argument is a guide or roadmap that guides the seller in exposing the benefits of the product and that helps close the sale.

The phases of the sales argument are aimed at establishing a map of what to say in each phase in order to achieve the sale. We must be clear, above all, which objections the customer can raise and our sales argument must be focused on resolving them.

In order to present the indispensable content of our sales argument, we must take into account the reasons that will make the customer acquire our product and not another and how to refute the problems that may arise.

What should not be missing from our sales pitch?

  • Highlight the main advantage of our product over those of the competition and which main characteristics define it.
  • Expose and adapt the benefits of the product or service according to the needs or preferences of the customer.[/li_item icon="]Expose and adapt the benefits of the product or service according to the needs or preferences of the customer.
  • Ask control questions to be sure we are going in the right direction, adapting the exposure to our interlocutor.
  • Prepare a list of objections that the client may raise, with their respective answers or solutions.

Examples of a Sales Argument

In the development of our commercial activity we need to have some tools to solve the problems that may arise in our commercial process.

These problems can be: getting in touch with the customer, being able to talk to the right person, presenting the product in an appealing way and also convincing the potential customer of the purchase.

Therefore, we can prepare different sales arguments, which do not have to be from the sale itself, but their objective is to achieve it.

So what kinds of sales pitches can’t be missing in our business management?

  • Build an argument to get in touch with the right person in the company. We must explain why we must obtain the contact of the person in charge of purchases of the product that we commercialize so that it is easier to provide us with the contact information.
  • Construct the Sales Argument on the product. In this argument we explain how we can help the customer if he acquires our product and what advantages he would get compared to acquiring one from the competition.
  • Create an argument to get an interview or meeting with the customer.
  • Argument to contact the person in charge: It can be an argument to write an email or how to leave a voice message on the answering machine. This type of argument is used to create an impact on the client and receive a response.

Examples of a Product Argument

The Sales Argument of a product is, without a doubt, the most important of those that make up the commercial management of the company.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Know the client’s situation. In order to understand their situation, we must ask a series of questions, such as: what their company does, what problem they want to solve, what they would like to achieve with the purchase of your product, what obstacles can hinder them to get them, …
  • Expose the value of the product or service we sell. To do this, we must personalize the exhibition by referring to what the customer has answered in the previous questions. We must show them that the product is good, and that it is also good for them.
  • Respond to all their doubts and objections. It is convenient to think about what objections the customer may have in order not to acquire the product. Exposing an answer and solution to these objections will help us convince him.
  • Close the sale: In this part, objections may arise regarding price, payment method, etc. We have explained and demonstrated that the product is what you really need. So make sure there are no doubts. And that, about the value of what you are offering, the price is the right one.

A sales pitch is not a closed document. It should be modified or expanded with new experiences. For example, when a customer raises an objection that we had not previously had, or if a competitor arises that we must take into account to refute in our argument.

Benefits of a Sales Argument

What we must bear in mind about a sales argument is that it will bring us great profits. And this is why? Thanks to it we will obtain better sales arguments, better tools to sell and weapons to defeat customer objections.

In addition, we will make our customers management much more effective. This way we will know exactly what to do at each stage according to the moment of the sale in which the customer is.

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